The Teachers


Name:         Ian McGrath (イアン  マクグラス).


Position:      Head Teacher.


Education  Pearse College:

                   Qualified in Drafting and design.

                   Dublin City University/Oscail BSc (Hons):

                   Information and Communications


                   TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language.


Experience:  20 years teaching experience in Japan. Including over 10

                   years of teaching experience at Elementary and

                   Jr. High school levels with the Board of Education in

                   Kurashiki City.






TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language)資格有。



Message from Ian

Try your best, and you can do anything. If you try your best at

English, you will be able to communicate with the world. If you

are able to communicate with the world, you can do anything.
Good luck :)




できるんだ!がんばって!! Good luck :)




Name:         David Morrison (デイビッド モリスン).


Position:      Head Teacher.


Education  George Brown College:

                   Diploma in Culinary Management

                   Certificate in Italian Culinary Arts.

                   TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign



Experience:  6 years teaching experience in Japan. 



Message from David


Don't say "I can't" as you simply haven't learnt it yet. The reason you go to school is to learn that which you can't yet do. Just try your best and you will never say "I can't" again.

Name:         Jaciana Sugimoto(ジャシアーナ 杉本).


Position:      morning pre-school teacher.


message from Jaciana:

                   Let's enjoy learning English together!



Morning International School Assistant